Case studies published from the 2023 winners

Case studies published from the 2023 winners

We are excited to announce that the case studies for the 2023 winners have now been published.

The aim of the Working Dads Employer Awards is to celebrate the organisations that are doing fantastic work to support working dads. In doing this, we want to raise awareness of why supporting working dads is so important.

These awards will also inspire organisations in how they can make improvements to better support working dads. More specifically, we also wanted to provide examples so other organisations can learn from great practice and implement actions to improve their support for working dads. This will be done through the creation and dissemination of case studies that will be educational and informative, and ultimately help other organizations improve their support for working dads.

We are proud to have published four written and video case studies that have been drawn from the winners of the different award categories. The case studies are:

In these case studies, you will find information around why supporting working dads is so important to the organisations, how they developed their policies and/or practises, challenges they faced along the way, how they have communicated changes to employees and how they embedded a supportive culture across the organisation.

You will also hear about how the organisation’s approach to supporting working dads has impacted outcomes in the organisation (e.g., gender equality, recruitment and/ or retention).

These case studies represent organisations of different sizes and industries with the hope that your organisation will be able to use some of the strategies in your own organisation.

So if you are looking at how to build an internal fatherhood network, how a top down approach to normalising male caring can work or how to implement an enhanced parental leave offering, these case studies will give you some real life examples to draw inspiration from.

We hope you enjoy the case studies and that you are able to learn from them and take some of the best practise into your work to support working fathers.

The Working Dads Employer Awards Team